Plants – The New Home Decor Must-Have

When you have plants in your home you are instantly more relaxed. Is it because you feel like you’re out in nature – just a little bit? Is it that extra oxygen that they pump into your home? We’re not sure, but what we do know is that they look amazing and most require very little maintenance. In fact, some are hard to kill!

So let’s take you though some of the best ideas we’ve found to freshen up your precious home away from the hectic world.

There are so many beautiful and structural plants to choose from and most are not expensive. You can pot them up and decorate them with dollar store items too, so this doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise. There are a ton of super cute ways to display them in your home, whether you have lots of room or a little.

According to a NASA study, some plants can remove formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene, found in furniture, fireplace smoke, and common household products. Click on this link to find out which plants remove which toxins.

 Beautiful plants can create calm and remove toxins from the air in your home.

indoor plants

Terrariums are so hot right now. We’re loving this one from Den and Now. Succulents love these, but they’re really ideal for any indoor plant that will stick to the size of the terrarium you buy. Plants like spider ferns, starfish plants, golden clubmoss, African violets or begonias work well in terrariums. We found this for you at Den and Now

The Weeping Fig is an excellent houseplant. It’s drought tolerant so you only have to water it when you remember and it has beautiful glossy leaves and a nice bushy habit. Usually they come as topiary because when they’re young the stems are so pliable that they’re easily twisted around one another. We found this for you at Sunset

indoor plant 15

Snake Plants are easily recognizable by their sharp leaves and architectural shape. They’re much like succulents in that they don’t need much care and they multiply like crazy, so you can break a few off and pop them in another pot. Water once a week.  We found this for you at The Sill

indoor plants

Fiddle Leaf Figs are beautiful architectural plants, perfect for areas where you’d like to make an impact. Entrances, living rooms and  bedrooms are perfect. They do require sunlight, but not directly onto the leaves or they can burn, just keep them in a well lit place. Keep the water up to these plants by checking if the top inch or so of the soil is moist. If not, give them some water. We found this for you at Teal Notes

indoor plant 13

Philodendrons make gorgeous house plants. They have beautiful shiny leaves and require very little care. Water around once a week and keep the leaves beautiful and shiny by popping a few drops of olive oil on a cloth and wipe over them. We found this for you at Sunset

indoor plants

The Areca Palm or Butterfly Palm is easy to grow and a great beginners houseplant for home or office. Palms add a lovely tropical, exotic feel to any room and are evergreen. They’re perfect for the spot where you have a little more room so that you can really show off their leaves. Water this one pretty regularly as it doesn’t like to get too dry between waters.  We found this for you at You Garden.

indoor plant 7

We love this one – so simple! Curtain rod, buckets from dollar store, hooks, done! This is perfect for some herbs like basil, mint, thyme, chives, the list goes on. This one could be knocked off on the weekend and make your kitchen look fresh and inviting in no time. We found this for you at Fresh Home 

indoor plants

Aloe is a perfect plant for indoors in a sunny spot or in an outdoor area. It requires very little care as it likes to be dry. Water once a week and pot up for a stunning display plant. Finish the pots off with some white or black pebbles. We found this for you at

indoor plant 10

Glass bottles or jars make fantastic plant holders and if you pop some air plants in them then you don’t even need soil! Super cute. We found this for you at Crocus

indoor plants

Check out this brilliant idea – use old crates or a shelf with pots (try to get the long ones to give you more room for plants on the shelf) and you have an instant veggie garden! We found this for you at Love the Garden

chinese evergreen

Chinese Evergreens come in different colors and are pretty hardy. They last for years and as long as you water them now and again, even the biggest brown thumb will keep one alive. Give them a well lit spot without direct sunlight and you’re on your way. We found this for you at Joy Us Garden

indoor plants

This String of Pearls plant looks chic in an inexpensive pot and stand. You need next to no room to display it and it looks cute. Water once a week or when the soil feels dry. We found this for you at Balcony Garden Web

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Plants that purify the air, are low maintenance and beautify the home.