Cheap & Easy Coastal DIY for Hampton Style Living

What’s not to love about the relaxed, airy, coastal style that epitomizes the Hamptons? I mean, we’d all love to live in the Hamptons right? We just don’t have the required (extensive!) budget. But, with a bit of cheap and easy DIY there’s nothing stopping us from making our home look like we live right on the beach.

Mostly what you need for the Coastal or Hamptons look is a good color palette and well chosen accessories. Lovely beach chic follows a light color palette of whites & off whites with touches of blues and greens thrown in. Once  you have your walls painted (and large furniture like tables, sofas, beds etc), in these colors then you’re set to get decorating. Coastal Style!

Coastal Living DIY

Added textures from baskets, shells, glass, fabrics and wood are what really set off this gorgeous style and none of them need to break the bank either. A lot of the small items like jars, drift wood, photo frames, shells and even cushions and throws, can be found in dollar stores.

They all come together to form a really effortless style that looks and feels comfortable yet classy.

1. Cushions and throws.

If you already have a neutral color on your walls then you are half way there. Adding cushions and throws in blues and greens, even if they’re mixed with neutrals, will start the coastal look. These can be added to beds, sofas and outdoor areas.

Phantoscope have some super cute cushions that fit this theme perfectly.

Or whites with some texture in the fabric look amazing too.

Stone and Beam make some really gorgeous throws with a textured and chunky feel, which is just what fits with the Hamptons look. I’m loving this indgo knitted one.

2. Photo Frames

Sounds simple right? Sometimes we forget that photo frames really give a particular feeling to a house. I really love it when a certain color or theme is used, like recycled wood, or all white. The frames can be different shapes and sizes, but it’s the theme and color that tie it all together.

Distressed painted frames are perfect for this coastal feel.

3. Wall Decoration

Now I’ve seen some fairly horrendous ‘beachy’ wall decoration in my time. You don’t need to drag an old fishing net off the beach and plonk it on your wall. Doesn’t look classy. We’re going for classy, but affordable.

Sets of canvases look really great together.

4. Bed Linen

By changing your bed linen you change the look of the whole room. Sticking with whites and adding accents with cushions, throws or pillow cases is all you need to do to get this classy, relaxed look. There is plenty of reasonably priced, white bed linen around.

5. Jars with Rope Detail

The rope detail on jars or any glass object really brings that beachy vibe to a room. If you can pair it with a candle like this one then even better!

6. Shells and Starfish

Unusual specimens can be left out as decoration on their own or used to decorate lamps, photo frames, or collected in a bowl as decoration.


7. Driftwood

Sounds a bit strange to sit driftwood that washed up on the beach in your house doesn’t it? But it’s amazing what can be made from driftwood. I love driftwood mirrors and candle holders, but decorations with no purpose (other than being decorations) are pretty cute too. I’m in love with driftwood balls, stars, hearts, fish, wreaths, you name it!


These quick and super easy ways to get that Coastal, Hamptons style in your home will have your kicking back and relaxing just like  you’re at the beach in no time. Enjoy!


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