18 Blonde Hair Shades to Brighten Your Tresses This Season

There’s something about blonde hair that just screams warm weather, beaches and good times. Whether its ombre, balayage or foils, lightening your hair gives it that beautiful freshness. And blonde hair isn’t limited to those with light hair already. We’ve included ideas for dark and lighter hair. Even for those just venturing into lighter hair, there’s a lighter shade for everyone! Read more


30+ Amazing Homemade Soaps

Homemade soaps – I’m not talking about boring old soap, I’m talking beautifully perfumed, nourishing and moisturizing soap that looks and smells amazing. They can be tailored to your own needs. From moisturizing to treating acne. Exfoliating to deep cleansing. You can add perfumes in various ways – via gorgeous smelling essential oils, ground spices or even flower petals! There really are so many options that it’s hard to stick with making just one batch. Read more

20 DIY Body Scrubs with Essential Oils for Extra Nourishment

Smooth, fresh and invigorated. That’s how amazing your skin feels when you’ve exfoliated.  And if you’re exfoliating more than your face and neck then you can use up a good amount of body scrubs. Enter – DIY homemade body scrubs. Made with fresh ingredients that you probably have sitting in your pantry! Cheap and you know exactly what you’re putting onto your precious bod. Read more

7 DIY Anti Aging Serums that Actually Work

Who doesn’t love making DIY products? And if they’ll help with the aging process, then count me in. These anti aging serums and oils contain no nasties, just pure goodness. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and everything you put on it can eventually end up in your blood stream. So, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to put products on my skin when I don’t really know what’s in them.

Read more