Binder Clips – Brilliant Ideas to Keep You Organized

Prepare to buy a whole bunch of binder clips, because the ideas below are going to have you using them in dozens of places around your home! From cords to photos to freezers, you won’t believe where you’ll be able to use them. And when they’re decorated they fit perfectly into your own style.

Decorate your binder clips using fabric or washi tape for a cute, stylish, personalized look

First things first – how cute are binder clips that have been decorated? You can use fabric or washi tape to decorate them in so many ways. There’s color coding for better organization, stylish patterns for display or even bright colors to make finding them easier. If you’re going to use binder clips to organize, keep neat and display then we think that decorating them in your own individual style is the way to go. You can find tons of different patterns and colors of washi tape on Amazon – just click here to browse.

If you’ve never heard of washi tape before, well you’re in for a very pleasant surprise. It can be used in so many different ways and here’s a very small example of the range available. Huge right?

washi tape

You can find a bunch of ideas on how to use washi tape at A Girl And A Glue Gun.


First cab off the rank and our favorite is a DIY Cord Organizer. A fantastic idea for any home or office area. Keep your chargers and leads conveniently labelled as well as being so much tidier. As you can see, the tape really makes these clips look like they fit into the home. We found this idea for you at Its Overflowing

binder clips

Use in your freezer to hang bags of food that you’re still using. Saves space in the draws or racks and you can actually see what you have without digging around in the back of the freezer! Tip – think about color coding to identify vegetables & fruit to make life even easier. We found this idea for you at Fabulous Organization


Hold trash bags onto the bin. How annoying is it when the bag falls into the bin, gets trash on top of it, horrible to clean up. Solution is to clip the trash bags on with binding clips. Simple but Genius! We found this idea for you at Color Me Domestic

Hot glue a magnet to a binder clip so that you can use them on the fridge, filing cabinet or white board

Pop cute photos in them and either display as is or hang on the wall, fridge or boards as a cute display. This is where decorating the clips really comes into play. Tip – the clip and photo also makes a beautiful and thoughtful home made gift. We found this idea for you at A Beautiful Mess

Fantastic to use to hold up your hot glue gun. We found this idea for you at Sew Many Ways

phone stand

Make an easy phone holder to use on your desk, coffee table or wherever! We found this idea for you at Instructables

Who’s ever gone travelling and put their razor in their bag, only to find that the supposedly secure cover has come off? All you need to do is pop a binder clip over your razor when you travel so that when you go searching for it you don’t risk cutting your fingers. We found this idea for you at Dinosaurs and Robots

pantry organization

Clip up partially used packets in your pantry and hang them on a hook for easy storage and they can be found easily too. Tip – have one hook and binder clip for each type of packet to make it even easier to find what you’re after. We found this idea for you at One Good Thing By Jillie

Make some room on your office desk by attaching a couple of temporary hooks on the wall and clipping wire pencil cups to them. We found this idea for you at Good Housekeeping US

Ever tried drying clothes on hangers only to find that they’ve slipped on the line and bunch up? Just clip the top of the hanger to the line and you’re set! We found this idea for you at I Heart Organizing

ear phones binder clip

Clip your cords, chargers, earphones together so they don’t get knotted. We found this idea for you at Moshi

Into knitting or crochet? Keep your wool in a little bowl and thread the end of the wool through a binder clip to make it easier to unravel off the ball. We found this idea for you at Good Housekeeping US


Use a binder clip to squeeze the last of the toothpaste out of the tube. This can be used for other tubes like paint, glue and creams. We found this idea for you at Leave it to Lori

Decorate and use as a cute place holderWe found this idea for you at Offbeat Bride

Keep your rolls of ribbon and wrapping paper tidy. Use this for craft, sewing or wrapping ribbons. Such a great idea! We found this idea for you at The Krazy Koupon Lady

Binder Clips - Brilliant Organization and Display Ideas for Your Home