18 Pantry Organizing Ideas

Who doesn’t love having a pantry that looks neat and organized? You can find things more easily and know exactly what’s actually in your pantry. Not only that, it actually saves you money as well as time, because you magically find all of this stuff that you just didn’t know was there before! And you know what? Most of the fixes can be found in dollar stores. Perfect!

We’ve included a couple of kitchen storage hacks that were just too good to not post, because we want you to save space save like a pro!

Being organized has an amazing way of making you feel calmer and happier, because it removes one of those little stresses that builds up over time.

Whether you have a tiny or gigantic pantry, we have tips that will make more room, help keep food fresh, make items more accessible and most of all tidy! That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best pantry organization hacks that we could come across. You may even have some of the items at home already. So take a read, jot down what you need to buy, then get that pantry looking incredible.

Pantry Organization

1.  Attach clear sponge caddies to the wall with 3M command strips (or similar) and put spice mixes, Kool-Aid packets and similar items in them. You will love all the space that you free up and how much tidier your pantry is without these items floating around.  We found this idea at – Make Bake Celebrate

pantry organiser

2. Genius Idea: Hang your parchment, plastic wrap and aluminum foil on the back of your door using hooks on either side for easy placement.  We found this idea for you at A Real Life Housewife

pantry organization shoe holder

3. Shoe organizers, yep, shoe organizers. Hang them on the back of the door for the kids’ snacks and other packets that get messy and lost.  We found this idea for you at One Crazy House

lazy susan storage

4. Who would think of using a Lazy Susan in a pantry? They’re a fantastic way of storing in a corner. Corners always seem to be wasted space. Not anymore! We found this idea for you at The Whoot.

cupcakes in mason jar

5. Use mason jars to store your cupcake liners. These always end up in a huge mess in my pantry, mainly because I seem to pick up every new and cute cupcake liner design that I see! Even if you only have a few of a certain design left, store them all together for convenience. You can get the jars in the perfect size to save you having then strewn all over the place.  We found this idea for you at Table for Two

pantry organization

6. Use a big clip and a stick on hook to hang your partially used mix sachets. Love it!   We found this idea for you at One Good Thing By Jillie

pantry organization 6

7. Turn one shelf into two. Who doesn’t want that right? You basically just doubled the space in your cupboard with a cheap wire ‘shelf’ that you can find at dollar stores. We found this idea for you at Good Housekeeping

pantry organization 4

8. Use magazine holders for plastic wrap, baking paper and foil. Genius! We found this idea for you at Apartment Therapy.


9. Use the skinny space alongside your refrigerator to store canned goods, spices, baking ingredients etc. Full instructions on how to make one, with step by step pics are provided. We love this one! We found this idea for you at Mission DIY.



10.  Canned food. The stuff is fantastic – convenient, long lasting, reasonably priced, but what a waste of space it is! I don’t know about you, I think I could get double the cans in there if I could use the space above them. Well, check out this simple and cheap idea. Just grab some wire racks that are around 5 inches wide. Can sizes can vary a little so if you’re unsure, best to quickly measure a can before you head off to the dollar store to get a few. Stack up your cans and off you go.  We found this idea for you at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia


11.   Spices are something that get all bunched up in the pantry and when you want to use them you have to pick up a dozen bottles or packets before you find the one you want right? Storing them all in matching teeny jars or test tubes and put them neatly together in a box as we saw at The Spruce is a genius way to store them! Label them on the lid for quick identification. We found this idea for you at The Spruce


12. When you have room above packets or boxes, that’s just wasted space. So why not use it by inserting under cabinet racks like these? We found this idea for you at Lazy Tries


13. This is such a fantastic idea – how annoying are cutting boards, trays, all those skinny things that either take up lots of space lying flat or just get really messy? Enter,  tension curtain rods. Just position them a few inches apart, adjusting where necessary and there you have it, stylish storage.  We found this idea for you at Cute DIY Projects.

container storage

14. Containers. So this isn’t a breakthrough. Everyone knows that pantries look better with food in containers. Not only do they look better though, you can actually see what you have and what you’re about to run out of. Sometimes it’s more about getting around to it and finding options that are inexpensive. Try setting yourself a goal of getting everything you want in containers (cereals, flours, sugars, beans, nuts, pasta) within a  realistic time period, say 6 months. If you check out dollar stores or when containers come on sale and buy a couple at a time, you’ll easily get there. You’ll be glad you did! We found this idea for you at From Great Beginnings

trash bag storage

15.   Storing your larger trash bags on towel rails or paper towel holders attached to the inside of the pantry or a cupboard door is a great way to keep them tidy. We found this idea for your from Simply Organized.

onion storage

16.   Onions and potatoes need air when you store them and they can tend to be a bit messy because onions lose some of the outer layers of skin and potatoes are just plain dirty sometimes! So we love the idea of storing them in wire document holders from Ikea. We found this idea for you from Curbly

shopping bag storage

17.  Shopping bags are messy, messy things. They end up shoved in a cupboard and you hope the cupboard is never opened or they’ll spring out and you’ll never get them back in. How about attaching a plastic basket or magazine holder with 3M command strips?   We found this idea for you at Live Better Lifestyle


18. If you don’t have room on your shelves for your flat boards, trays and the like, using the back of one of your kitchen cupboard doors is a space saving way to store them. Cheap and super simple – just tie some zip ties across the bottom to stop them slipping out! We found this idea for you at That’s What She Said

Pantry Organization Ideas from the Experts