10 Best Apps for Travel to Europe

Gone are the days when we lugged around maps and a 500 page travel guide when we went traveling. Now, we just need our phones, a few apps and we’re off for the trip of our lives.

Europe is so incredibly diverse and exciting and you don’t want to miss anything while you’re there. So a few apps added to your phones will add that extra bit of convenience and information you need to make the most of your time in this amazing continent.

1. Rome2Rio

Our number one pick of apps when traveling anywhere – this app is a must have for any traveler.
Rome2Rio has become the best place to start planning cross-country trips. It accesses an extensive list of airlines, train, bus and ferry companies to come up with a variety of transport options to suit your time and budget.
Price ranges and journey durations for the various transport options are given (including fuel costs if driving). They even look at ride-sharing.
On-screen maps show the route for each alternative, and clicking on any option gives more detail.
Public transport costs to get to airports or train stations are even shown and from there, booking screens are one more click away. You can also check out related travel options, like hotels and car rentals, along with city guides, schedules and more.

2. TripIt

TripIt is the most popular app for organizing travel. All you need to do is forward your email confirmations (flights, trains, dinner reservations, etc.) to your TripIt app and it will automatically add it to your itinerary. Genius! All of your information is then available offline once it’s been downloaded if you don’t have access to WiFi. There’s a paid version that adds a bit more functionality but the free version is still great. Available via Apple iOS and Android.

3. Hostelworld and Booking.com

If you are budget traveling and plan on staying in hostels then Hostelworld is for you. You can easily book your next hostel on the go, just in case you’re traveling without much of a plan. Available via Apple iOS and Android.

Then there’s Booking.com. I’ve used many accommodation apps and I always go back to Booking.com. It has thousands of properties, you can check out places in a price range then look where they are on a map to see which ones are closest to where you want to stay and many more features. I like how you can go into your bookings and all of your upcoming bookings are shown in date order. No need to carry around itineraries. Available via Apple iOS and Android.


4. Time Out: Discover Your City

Want a little more info than the usual hum drum? Check out the Time Out: Discover your city app for a free guidebook experience. This app offers city guides for over 40 different cities and focuses on things to do that are not just landmarks or the history of the city (you probably picked this up already). There’s a “what’s happening this week” section where you’ll find info on events happening around the city such as concerts, festivals, and art exhibits.

5. Google Maps

Sounds like something you should already know, but don’t forget about Google Maps. Even if you have no data where you are, if you’ve searched for the place you’re going before you left a wifi area, Google Maps will take you there with no internet at all.  You will also get a voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation.

6. CityMaps2Go

Another great app that allows you to pre-plan your route is CityMaps2Go. The app includes city guides for the major cities in Europe, plus there are tips from local experts, points of interest and subway maps.

7. Google Translate

An absolute necessity is a translation app when you’re going to Europe. It’s not exactly easy to learn the 24 or so languages spoken there. With Google Translate you can either type into a word box or use the speaking option to translate a phrase. This one is just priceless.

8. Oanda Currency Converter

Necessary wherever you go where the currency is different from your home country. It’s easy to try and guess what you’re spending, but using a converter, especially for large purchases, may save you.

9. Trail Wallet 

Trail Wallet helps you organize your expenses and the daily budget feature gives you details about how much you’re spending along the way.  It’s easy to log your receipts and bills on the app’s Quick Add screen to keep a running tally of your daily spend. You can also check the detailed summary screen for a snapshot of what you’ve spent so far to keep you on track with your budget.

10. TheFork

TheFork boasts more than 30,000 restaurants in 10 European countries. Each eatery listing has helpful user reviews, photos, and sample menu items. There is also a loyalty program and in-app discounts of up to 50 percent at selected restaurants. Worth a try for sure.

Enjoy your trip!

10 of the best Travel Apps for traveling to Europe